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Kitchen Window Styles without Curtains

Kitchen window style is variously presented in models, colors, and designs. Besides making your home more beautiful, styles in the window are necessary for filtering lights. Some people also install a window which is able to be opened and closed easily. That idea is applied to create ventilation so that fresh air is able to access the room without any distraction. You can also save some money for electricity bill as well. That is also considered as a green living idea in the kitchen.

inman kitchen window Kitchen Window Styles without Curtainsinman kitchen window

Besides that big function, kitchen window with eye catching styles are truly beneficial to improve the look and visual value of the kitchen itself. Curtain is one of alternative that you are able to apply to beautify the window. However, there are some other ideas besides curtains for it. Those are swags and roman shades. You can try one of them for your kitchen window if you want.

colorful kitchen window Kitchen Window Styles without Curtainscolorful kitchen window

Kitchen Window Styles: Using Swags

Swag is one of ways that you can apply for your kitchen window. That is quite similar to valances. Do you know what valances mean? Both of them are installed completed with roll up. Generally, people choose swag for the window to let light pass through it. One consideration is necessary to think about. For people who want to get privacy, you had better chose other style of your window. In addition, installing swags is quite difficult in its kitchen window treatment ideas.

kitchen window frame Kitchen Window Styles without Curtainskitchen window frame

Kitchen Window Styles: Using Roman Shades

Another idea that you can use to make your kitchen window more decorative and artistic is by installing roman shades. The shape of roman shades is totally different from swags and valances. It is installed to reduce the lights from the window. It also offers some privacy inside your kitchen. The design is simple and not difficult to be opened. So, you do not need to worry about the treatment of the roman shades. You can make the tie loose and take the shades off if you find some dirt then wash those.

kitchen window without curtains Kitchen Window Styles without Curtainskitchen window without curtains

From those preferences, you are able to choose which one that you like the most. You can choose valances for more privacy. If you need to access the lights all day long, you can pick swags. However, both of them are too difficult to treat. The last one, if you intend to some modern home designs, roman shades are preferable for your kitchen window.

classic kitchen window Kitchen Window Styles without Curtainsclassic kitchen window

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